Tuning process control loops training course

Optimize your process with proper setting and tuning of control loops to increase quality consistency. Learn the process characteristics that become the basis for tuning the process controller. Practice different tuning methods to ensure accurate control.
Gain an understanding of the functions of proportional band, integral and derivative process in a 3-mode controller.

Main topics of the courses:

Process Characteristics
  • Process definition
  • First order lag
  • Time constant explanation
  • Realizing dead time
  • Process gain
  • Self-regulating vs. non self-regulating processes

PID Controller Parameters
  • Integral
  • Derivative
  • Tuning goals
  • Proportional band and gain
  • Understand the units for integral or reset
  • Enabling objectives
  • Quarter wave damping versus critical control
  • How proportional band, integral and derivative relate to error

Tuning Methods
  • General method closed-loop
  • Ziegler-Nichols open and closed-loop method
  • Ultimate period
  • Process gain
  • Open loop tuning steps
  • Experienced based tuning

Advanced Control
  • Cascade, ration and feed forward control
  • Wild flow in ratio control
  • Feed forward control system: open loop
  • Feedback penalty

Hands-On Lab Exercises
  • Labs are performed on a PID regulator

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