Testing instruments training course

Main topics of the course:

  • Enhance your knowladge of basic electronical system protection techniques including fault analysis
  • Further your understanding of protective devices
  • Understanding problems generally faced and solutions successfully adopted by industry
  • Learn to calcualte the basic fault currents flowing in any part of the electrical system
  • Improve your electrical system protection against faults and overvoltages

Main topics of the course:
  • Use digital multi-metar
  • Mesure resistance, voltage, et frequency
  • Read resisters, fuses diodes, et capacitors
  • Perform a continuty test, a voltage drop test and a troubleshooting voltage trace
  • Inspect and test your digital multi-metar
  • Properly and safely take a volage reading
  • Properly measure three phase voltage
  • Use the Clamp on Ammeter
  • Properly use the clamp on ammeter for accuracy
  • Measure AC and DC current
  • Use the insulation tester (megger)
  • Properly perform an insulation test
  • Properly read a megger
  • Use Scopemeter
  • Identify and know the hazards involved in performing these tasks and the safe guards to prevent injuries
  • Basics of troubleshooting any and all industrial electrical circuits

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