Marine IT workshops

This workshops are done per requirement on different levels and duration depend on prior knowladge of students.


  • PC Parts
  • Introduction to Windows or Linux (Ubuntu/Debian based)
  • Windows or Linux installation
  • Windows or Linux administration and maintenance
  • Data storage
  • Setting up and using email
  • Setting up and using printer
  • Setting up and using antivirus protection
  • Introduction to Office suite

Basic networking

  • Networking basics
  • LAN and WIFI networks
  • Building Your own network using Windows Linux (Ubuntu) with LAN and WIFI routers
  • Network management
  • Network security, setting up and using firewall


  • Installing Windows server
  • Installing Linux server (Ubuntu or CentOS)
  • Virtualization
  • Introduction to most popular server software
  • Users and device management via Active Directory

List of all available courses can be viewed here: Training-courses

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