Low voltage course - (marine basic electricity)

This 3 day low voltage course is designed for marine mechanical and electrical engineers who have responsibility for maintaining and operating ships power plant. The course will introduce you with working principles, planing,operation,testing and maintenance of electrical plant on board vessel. The course will provide both theoretical and practical instructions in safe training enviroment.

Duration of the course: 3 days


  • basic electrical safety
  • sources of electricity
  • relationships of voltage, current, resistance
  • direction of current flow
  • parallel and series circuits
  • industrial switches
  • capacitors
  • magnets and electro magnets - inductors
  • electromagnetic relays
  • motor and generator
  • circuit breakers and fuses
  • direct current and alternating current
  • transformers
  • electrical circuits
  • reading and understanding schematics


  • voltage, current and resistance labs
  • measurement labs using digital multimeter
  • insulation test
  • magnetism and electromagnetism
  • electrical components
  • motor labs
  • generator labs
  • inductors and transformer labs
  • electrical trouble shooting labs

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