Instrumentation and control training course

Learn the fundamentals of instrumentation and process control. You'll spend approximately 50% of the time in hands-on lab exercises using various instruments and controllers. Learn to program, connect input/output devices and troubleshoot process controls including sensors, transmitters, controllers, and final elements. Use various instruments to measure temperature, pressure, flow rate, level and position. Understand the differences between open and closed-loop controls, feedback and feed forward controls, PLC and stand-alone controllers. Find out how analog signals are produced, processed and protected from noise and differences in proportional, PI and PID control strategies. Understand what causes errors in instruments and how to minimize and troubleshoot them. Learn to calibrate transmitters and tune controllers.

Main topics of the course:

Process Control and Process Concepts Primary Elements

  • Flow, pressure, temperature

Types of Control and Characteristics

  • Feedback and feed forward loops/open-loop and closed-loop
  • Nonlinear sensors and final elements

Types of Instruments and Calibration Devices

  • Pressure, temperature, digital meters and hand-held calibrators
  • Instrument installation
  • Wiring, tubing, mounting restrictions and instrument-to process interfacing
  • Discussion of voltage, current and pressure analog signals

Control Valve Characteristics and Process Documentation

  • Piping and instrument loop drawings
  • Calibration sheets

Process Control Architectures

  • Stand alone PID controllers: proportional, integral and derivative

Loop Calibration and Tuning

  • Setup of differential pressure, temperature and other process-simulation devices
  • Calibration or setup with hand-held calibrator
  • Checking current output with VOM and tracing around loop

Connecting Transmitter to Controller Hands-On Lab Exercises

  • Document program
  • Sensor checkout
  • Hookup to calibration stands and transmitter calibration check
  • Program and tune controllers

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