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Our recognized course instruction teaches electrical maintenance, testing, power studies and safety skills. With courses lasting no more than few days, we specialize in fast, effective electrical skills training. As part of each hands-on course, students perform tasks in equipment labs supervised by the most talented electrical instructors in the maritime industry.

With many electrical safety and maintenance courses available, Elektro-Ekspert Ltd. Training Institute offers a wide variety of training for every experience level. Our courses are developed in accordance with recognized Electrical Standards and Regulations.

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The courses are designed to increase the troubleshooting skills and fault diagnostics procedures for marine electrical and mechanical engineers employed on various ships and offshore installations.

The marine offshore training courses will provide both theoretical and practical instructions in safe training enviroment. Every aspect of our standard curriculum is developed to facilitate student learning. From Hands-On equipment labs and illustrated materials and to logical presentation sequence, every course ensures students leave with real skills they can use immediately on the job. Our courses have optimum student to instructor ratios, so every student gets individual guidance and evaluation.

Elektro-Ekspert Ltd. Training Institute can create a company specific course for your needs.

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